Today, Joseph Bloch posted an article at Greyhawk Grognard about a pair of episodes for a program called Adventures in Odyssey. AiO is produced by “Focus On The Family”, which is apparently one of those nut-case religious groups convinced that RPGs lead to Satanism. This kind of stuff is part of the history of the hobby, and I had never actually seen this sort of propaganda before, so I thought it would be interesting (well, at least entertaining). I was later amazed to learn that these two episodes aired as recently as January 04, 2011.

Adventures in Odyssey – Castles and Cauldrons Part I

Adventures in Odyssey – Castles and Cauldrons Part II

It is truly amazing how much effort they put into making up their version of what they want people to think a FRPG involves. I have to say that they really did an amazing job making “Len” sound creepy.

I think it is ironic that the most supernatural occurrence was one of the adults having a premonition of doom.