Fantasy Basketball

Forget Fantasy Football. I want to see a Fantasy Basketball game, with actual fantasy elements!

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Better Backpacks

I read a wonderful article a week or so ago, (I think it was someone’s archive, so it may have been much older), about hiking and backpack loading, with comments dealing with real life hiking trips as well as how it all applied to dnd. I just now tried to find it, so that I could link to it, but sadly my search skills are lacking. : (

One topic that came up was whether adventurers should wear backpacks during combat.

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Lately, every time I turn around someone seems to be talking about psionics. This seems especially odd, seeing as how we are four years into 5e’s reign, and Wizards of the Coast have completely stripped psionics out of the game. Apparently, this is the universe’s way of telling me that psionics should be my next topic.

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Did You Miss Me?

I’ve been gone quite a while… again. As usual, when I’ve been gone a while, it’s even harder to come back. I feel like I have to explain why I’ve been gone and what I’ve been done which is intimidating in itself, so I put off my return even further. Then, I find something I want to write about, but I can’t because I haven’t written my “I’m back” post yet. I’m tired of that cycle, so here goes. I’m back!

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Castle Blueprints

This morning, I watched Young Frankenstein for about the 100th time. It is one of my all-time favorite movies. There are so many things to love. But today I was once again fascinated with the images of the castle on the hill. I set out to see if I could find any blueprints (or fan creations) for this iconic castle.

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More Gail Gygax Drama

Most of us simply enjoy playing D&D and similar role-playing games. We don’t really pay attention to the drama taking place behind the scenes. That doesn’t really mean that we are apathetic or approve of these things. It’s just that there is so much going on in the world, that it is difficult to keep up on these events. Fortunately, Tenkar’s Tavern reports and archives these events for us so they are there when we are motivated to catch up on what is happening behind the scenes.

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Building a Better Pit Trap

Most players seem to think pit traps are pretty boring and annoying. As a DM, I actually think they are a wealth of information to any player who can read the clues. As it turns out, I actually get a great deal of fun out of them.

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Being Sick Is A PITA

I’ve been home three weeks now, but it feels like I haven’t had a minute to myself. Various doctors want follow-ups. My meds are constantly changing, so there are constant trips to the pharmacy as well. Many are wrong (written by various hospital docs) requiring calls to my PCP to straighten out, followed by additional trips to the pharmacy. My Nephrologist wanted me to see a dialysis educator as well. I’m resisting dialysis, but I want to keep everyone happy so I went. That was nearly a whole day by itself. Also, I’m in the process of getting on the kidney donor list, so there is an endless barrage of phone calls and letters (requests for information) that all take up endless amounts of time.

On top of it all, I’m not as healthy yet as I expected to be once I was released. I thought once the pneumonia was gone, I’d be fine after a few days recovery. I’m definitely better, but I’m a very long way from being back to myself. I’m tired all the time and could sleep 18 hours a day if only the phone would stop ringing. But things are starting to slow down enough to turn on the computer so hopefully I’ll be able to get my life back soon.

My Cat Loves Me

When I was in the hospital, I was heartbroken. I was away from my sweetheart. I’d lay in bed and ache to have her curled up beside me. Yet, I wondered how she would react when I finally got home. I provide food and water, treats, I change the litter box. Does she simply think of me as her servant and a warm lap to sleep in? Or does she love me? The minute I opened the door I knew.

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Home From the Hospital

No sooner than I announced that I was back, I was taken away again. This time for Pneumonia. After a week in the hospital and a few days recovery, I’m back. I’ll be moving slowly though. It will take weeks, if not months, to get anywhere close to where I was, but at least I am recovering.

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