When WotC first announced that they were reprinting the 1e core books, I felt a glimmer of hope. Since then, there has been a steady stream of announcements that other older material will soon be reprinted. I held my breath. Earlier this week, the news I had been waiting for finally came. WotC is releasing PDFs of modules from every edition of D&D.

You can find these items at D&D Classics and at Drive Thru RPG.

There are already a great many products there and presumably more will be added. They currently have modules from 1e through 4e,as well as B/X. However, OD&D has been suspiciously overlooked. I’m hoping that the lack of PDFs of OD&D products is because they are planning on releasing these products in their original form (LBBs).

Before the initial announcement that the 1e books would be reprinted, I never would have believed this would ever happen. I heartily congratulate WotC on this decision. In my mind, they have gone from a hated corporate entity to a respected supporter of the hobby.

Free Stuff

Module B1 – In Search of the Unknown is available as a free download on both sites for a limited time. As of this writing, I believe you only have a day or so left (if that) so go there now! This is an awesome module. You don’t want to miss out.

Other Links

There is a comprehensive list of D&D modules (pre-3e) and adventures (3e+) on wikipedia.