This is a series of videos created by Dorks of Yore, where Tim Kask talks about his time at Dragon Magazine. I will continue to append this post with each new video as it is released. Be sure to visit the Dorks of Yore site as well. They have an entire library of entertaining videos.

#1 – Editing The Dragon

#2 – Creating the Bulette

#3 – Gary Gygax vs. Magic Users

#4 – The Steam Tunnel Incident

#5 – Fighting Level Creep

#6 – Tim & Gary See Star Wars

#7 – Sex and D&D

#8 – Trouble at TSR

#9 – Gary Gygax’s Blue Sky Sessions

#10 – Early D&D Art

#11 – Two-Hour Un-Cut Q&A

Apparently, this post is growing into a home for Gygax videos. It started with the first Tim Kask video, and I then began adding the other videos in the series as they came out. Then I ran across “A Two-Minute History” and wanted to keep the link handy, but didn’t want to create an entire post for such a short video, and decided to add it on here. Then I found “Growing Up Gygax” and the same thing happened again. When I gather enough, I may take these “extra” videos and make a separate post out of them. Until then, I think this is as good a place as any for them.

Gary Con – A Two-Minute History

Growing Up Gygax

D&D: Lessons From a Media Panic