You can probably tell from my last couple of posts that I am leading up to a discussion of my own house rules. I don’t think I have anything left over from the original Dungeons & Dragons but there is quite a bit that I still use from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition). As each new version came out, I sifted through it and took what I could use. Three decades of D&D related magazines have contributed some. But the bulk of the house rules I use are things I’ve created myself.

When I returned to D&D, I decided to embrace fourth edition. There are a great many things I like about what they did and tried to do in 4e. As a whole it looks like a very workable and enjoyable gaming system. But it just isn’t my idea of Dungeons & Dragons. I abandoned my idea of switching to it but as I said, I like a lot of what they’ve done.

I went back and looked over the system I had used before. I can’t say that it really resembles any one version over another because it really is an amalgam of all of them. There were definitely some aspects of 4e that I wanted to incorporate and a few core changes that I wanted to make.

I tried to do some comparison and I was a little surprised. There is literally not one single aspect of the game that entirely matches any published rule in its entirety. The combat system, the spell system, abilities, skills, feats, powers, economy, training, everything is slightly different (or in some situations entirely redone).

I’m sure some people will hate what I’ve done and others will scream that its imbalanced and that it will never work. All I can say is that I like it and it works for our group.

I hope a few folks out there can find bits and pieces that they like and adopt them into their own game. Or at the very least, be inspired to take a look at their own game and devise house rules that work for them.

I’ll break down what I have into pieces so as to present them individually and add links here as well. I will add to the list as I go.

My House Rules – Races

My House Rules – Classes

My House Rules – Hit Points

My House Rules – Monster Hit Points

My House Rules – Abilities

My House Rules – Skills

My House Rules – Feats

My House Rules – Powers

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My House Rules – Paladins

My House Rules – Spells Part II