Johnny Lauck (owner of Mega Miniatures and creator of the Discount Hobby chain of hobby stores) has started a Tavern Dungeon Decor miniatures kickstarter.

I have ordered miniatures from Mega Miniatures myself in the past and have been extremely pleased with the quality of his miniatures and of the service I received. (See an earlier post)

Sadly, Johnny has sold off a great many of his molds and appears to be getting out of the online sales business. I’m very pleased to see that he will be continuing on in miniatures production and sales though through kickstarter programs such as this one.

I can’t recommend his work highly enough. He makes excellent miniatures, sells them at very reasonable prices, and offers impeccable service. I wish I ran into more businesses that impress me this much!

You can get more information about this, and other, kickstarters at

This kickstarter reached its goal overnight and, as of this writing, still has 38 days left to go. Since he has successfully completed a kickstarter very similar to this in the past, everything should proceed perfectly with this one.

Best of luck to Johnny and to everyone who takes advantage of this great offer!