Since everyone is busy getting ready for GaryCon next week, I doubt anyone will really notice I’m gone. I’ve decided to take a shot at getting some long-term projects finished up around here. I just can’t waste this beautiful weather, and when the weather fades I have tons of things indoors to do as well. It’s hard to get the motivation up, so when it appears I have to take advantage of it.

Much of what I’m working on needs that sweet spot between not too cold and not too hot and that hot weather isn’t as far away as it may seem. So it hit me that if I don’t do it now, I may not get another opportunity like this for a while. Usually when the elements come together like this, I get a call from mom that she needs some help in the garden. I confirmed that she has nothing in the works at the moment, so it looks like I am good to go.

I hope you all can get by without me. I should be back the day after Gary Con, unless I find that I just can’t stay away. Have fun everybody!