I was sifting through some old files and ran across this gem. A friend of mine wrote it many years ago during a 2nd edition game another friend was running. I haven't changed anything other than to add some <p>…</p> tags to it for formatting. Hope you enjoy it. :)

*Sigh* Another mission surrounded by dim-witted large muscled morons. With the exception of Brim and Y2K the party consists of nothing but monster fodder. Not big on the conversation but I suppose they do have there uses. Well anyways on to the days “adventure”

The day began with the party in the city of Lemure. After listening to various local rumors our party decided to go play with the orcs in the southeast. Unfortunately all of the necessary provisions could not be found so a short side-trip to Gotz was necessary.

Day 1: Uneventful

Day 2: Uneventful

Day 3: While traveling along the wooded trail the horses began to become uneasy. Not long after a small group of large ant-like creatures were spotted. And in short order destroyed. After using his great powers of divination the cleric discovered that a poison sac was located underneath the tail stinger on the warrior ant…brilliant discovery.

Day 4: Uneventful

Day 5: After careful thought and consideration I have decided that the flying wasp annoys me. Hopefully his spell backfires in the near future.

Day 6-8: Uneventful

Day 9: I distinctively recall that men are paid t patrol this road. They should be fired…or flogged. I mean how hard can giant beetles really be to find. Of course we couldn’t find normal beetles instead we get the variety that crap acid. You’d think that would cause some kind of internal difficulties. Anyway except for a few early on difficulties these too were made short work of.

Day 10: Finally we have reached Gotz. While the cleric is out finding provisions I am going to make a short trip to the administers office and file a formal complaint. This kind of ineptitude cannot continue. Getting attacked by bugs is not acceptable. After provisioning up we were finally prepared to leave.

Day 13-17: Uneventful

Day 18: There are few things I dislike more than having my sleep interrupted. Luckily for us only one Umber Hulk made an appearance. Due to a few quick lighting spells as well as a few choice spells from my own arsenal it was quickly felled.

Day 19: We decided to follow the Umber Hulks trail

Day 20: More Umber Hulks assaulted us from the surrounding brush. After a brief battle we tracked the Hulks back to a dug out tunnel. We waited to proceed into the depths.

Day 21: Well as to say we waited to send the fodder into the depths. From the sounds that emerged from the hole they didn’t seem to need much help so I didn’t bother to go down myself. They emerged with an armful of treasure…I guess they were useful after all. After a brief rest we continued on our previous route.

Day 22: Uneventful

Day 23: I don’t ask for much. Simple adventure, some treasure and above all…sleep. But noooo I have to continually be interrupted during my much-needed slumber. Due to the ineptitude of our nightwatch the enemy was upon us and had somehow enchanted the awake (supposedly) guards. Any type of stealth was ruined by the barbarians war bellow (which sounded not unlike his snoring) this made a physical confrontation inevitable. After dispatching what appeared to be an elf male the body shifted into that of a jackal type character. Which was actually somewhat amusing as the barbarian gave a yelp and would not go near the corpse for the rest of the night.

Day 24-26: Uneventful

Day 27: After a flurry of rocks the Gorilla/octopus type creatures that ambushed us fled behind the nearby cliff face. Thinking them on the retreat we foolishly charged. Seconds before I was actually able to engage I was showered with eh red haze erupting from Druss’s jugular. Running though the haze seemed to only further the enrage of the already unstable barbarian. Through a combination of Y2K’s continual spell assault and the clerics support spells a victory was quick in the coming.

Day 28: with a roar a Cyclops and his hellhound pets beset us. Due no small part to my own expertise these creatures were decimated in short order.

Day 28(continued): Despite the thunderous snores of the barbarian I was able to use my own astute senses to spot the oncoming Slaads. An entanglement spell slowed the creatures enough for the warriors to don their perspective armors. Unfortunately due to circumstances outside of my own control I was…indisposed for a short period of time. When I finally regained consciousness however I was blessed with the extremely pleasurable sight of the barbarians axe cleaving its way though the cranium of the offending creature. As the gray matter leaked from the side of the creature’s head the barbarian began his assault on the next creature. Druss who was beset by two of the other Slaads was forced to guzzle several heal potions to survive the encounter.

Day 29: Uneventful

Day 30: After having to listen to yet another story of how the barbarian single handedly routed a small army of some lesser creature of another I was actually somewhat relieved to feel the disturbance in the air as the crossbow bolt whizzed by my head. Diving off my horse I quickly made a b-line for the closest orc. Amusingly enough this orc didn’t remain a threat for long as the moron in his fright over the approaching Druss prematurely fired while reloading. The end result of which was a crossbow bolt flying into the brush behind him. A large portion of his own skull attached. A blizzard conjured by Y2K protected our north flank while the fighters engaged on either side. After chasing the damnable creatures half way across the plains I finally let the hasted Druss deal with the rest of the blasted things.

Day 30 (continued): I am again reminded of the presence of the Gods. For his constant boisterous ramblings the barbarian was stricken with a slow acting poison. Unfortunately the unfairness of the Gods was also made evident in the fact that he was able to mostly shrug off its effects. Druss was also affected with this malady but the cleric was able to detect it before any harm could be done.

Day 31: I am again astounded by my own perceptive abilities as I detected the incoming centipede long before it could become a threat. This was done with very little help form the horse’s own instincts. Once detected defeating the creature was a simple and short matter.

Day 32: Again my sleep is interrupted. If it weren’t for the treasure I would seriously consider rethinking this whole adventure thing. Luckily for my companions I am a light sleeper for between myself and the cleric we were able to block off the oncoming two headed beasts before they were able to begin their charge. Once they were delayed picking them off was a relatively simple matter. One definite humorous moment was when one of the creatures displayed its true nature by regenerating itself at the barbarian’s feet. *Sigh* Unfortunately he was able to bury his axe into the beasts breast before it could do irreparable damage. What can I say the fates are cruel. An Agnazars Scorcher proved to be more than enough to send the creature into oblivions sweet embrace.

The rest of the trip was uneventful as we traveled back to Lemure.