It appears that more was broken than I thought.

My ISP upgraded PHP and various other server-side programs. WordPress upgraded their software (many times) and all of my plugins either came up with new versions or went dead, with the old version becoming incompatible with WordPress.

I think I have fixed all of the visual issues, so none of you should see anything wrong on your end (I hope). But I am constantly dealing with issues on my end.

The big one was that WordPress went to a visual editor. Well, I have never used any editor at all in WordPress. Instead, I’ve always written in MS Word and then used cut and paste to put it into their editor. When I did that the other day, the new editor stripped all of my html tags out of the document. Without < p > tags, the entire document appeared as one long paragraph. Fortunately, I was able to sort that out. Even with their block editor, it turns out that now all < p > tags require a class or they get stripped out. Not too bothersome once you figure out that’s the problem.

Now, I’m in the process of relearning much of this so I can ensure that everything is in place and that security is up to snuff.

That and I’m getting back into the right mindset. I’ve barely even thought about dnd for a couple of years.

Bear with me and I hope to be up and running again soon!