This is the first of a series of articles aimed at new players who have never played D&D but want to learn how. Specifically, it is geared for those who want to become a DM.

Unlike traditional board games, you can’t just skim the rules and jump into D&D. Actually, players can to some degree. But the DM has to have a fair understanding of the game before you can get started. Plus there are a few questions that must be addressed before you begin.

  • Which version will you use?
  • What house rules, if any, do you plan to use?
  • Will you use miniatures and a grid?
  • What supplies/accessories do you need to run a game?
  • Where will you play?

Once you have answered these basic questions and acquired everything you need, it’s time to design your world. You can simply go out and buy a pre-made campaign setting and some adventure modules. This is easy and quick and it is probably the best approach for a new DM. Designing a world from scratch, while time-consuming, is fun and rewarding. I will go into world-building in-depth in future articles.

For now, I’ll focus on the basics, so the next few posts will cover the questions listed above.