Shessar’s Map Art Collection (SMAC) is no more.

Shessar (from the Profantasy boards) assembled a large collection of artwork and created the .FSC files necessary to use them with CC3. Sadly, circumstances have caused her to take down her site where these files were distributed. It is unlikely they will ever reappear.

I am sorry to say that I have decided to take down the SMAC website.

Meeting the individual ToS requirements of numerous artists has become a bit more complex than I had anticipated. When a hobby starts to feel too much like a job, it is time to set it down.

Sorry I couldn’t keep this going.

— Shessar

Like the CSUAC that came and went before, the SMAC included artwork from many sources and by many artists. Most of that artwork is still available on the original servers and may be gathered together by anyone willing to put in the time. The Dundjinni Forums are an excellent place to start. Messages in those forums will lead to numerous other sources as well.

Thank You Shessar!

On behalf of those of us who were able to download the SMAC while it was available, I would like to thank Shessar for her hard work. It is a tremendous resource for which we are all very grateful.