Shessar, from the ProFantasy forums, has helped fill the void created by the loss of the CSUAC. He has made his image collection available on his website, naming it Shessar’s Map Art Collection (SMAC). There is a discussion thread regarding the SMAC on the ProFantasy forums.

At a glance, it appears that there is little or no duplication of images from the CSUAC, so if you are fortunate enough to have Cecil’s collection, the SMAC is still a powerful resource as it may easily double your library of images.

Shessar is in the process of sifting through his collection and only including the best images, creating catalog files, and uploading them in chunks as they are ready. There are an enormous number of images already available and more on the way. As each new batch of images is uploaded, he updates the log on his website and posts in the thread on the ProFantasy forums.

Monsen, also of the ProFantasy forums and creator of the CSUAC menu, is planning to create a menu for the SMAC once it is complete.

Thank you both for your contributions to the mapping community!