I rarely go to the theater, so it’s typical for me to only see movies well after they have been released on DVD. Yesterday was one of those days. I have no interest in the Super Bowl. Instead, I grabbed a sandwich at subway and picked up a movie at red box. I’m very happy that I did.

When Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows – Part I hit the theater (one of the few movies I’ve gone to see on the big screen), there was a trailer for a new Planet of the Apes remake. My first impression was “oh no, not again”. But the trailer turned out to be pretty good and I filed it away as one to see (eventually). Now that I’ve finally seen it, I wish I had gone when it was at the theater.

I really enjoyed the story. In fact, it was probably the best movie I have seen in quite some time. In the end, they even presented a wonderful explanation of how mankind died off and how the apes came to power. I won’t bore you with a synopsis, as there are plenty of reviews out there already.

Let me just say that if you haven’t seen it already, go do so. It is well worth seeing.