Darlene’s World of Greyhawk map is probably the single most iconic D&D map ever made. It is certainly my favorite. I’ve tried scanning it but have never been able to get the sections to align well. Last year, I recreated it in ProFantasy’s Campaign Cartographer. I think it came out pretty well if I do say so myself.

Here is a small section of the map:

It loses a bit being reduced like this. You can see better images in this WIP thread I created on the ProFantasy forums.

I always intended to make the image and the CC3 .fcw file available for download but wanted to wait until it was finished. It was pretty close. All I had left to do was to create some symbols for mountains, and hills. Sadly, I kept putting that off and now it’s too late. This file is one of those that were lost forever when my hard drive crashed.

I will probably do it again but it will take a while to get the motivation up. It was a lot of work and will take quite a commitment to tackle again.