As many of you know, I was nearly finished with this project when my hard drive crashed. Sadly, when I went to restore everything from an external backup, all of my files were corrupted. Fortunately, I had another external backup, but it was prior to the commencement of this map. It would have been much worse had I lost my entire hard drive, but just losing this map was pretty bad. It has taken three years, but I am finally ready to take up this project once again.

I had actually tried to do this a year or so ago, but real life interrupted me and I never got back to it. Last night, I searched for the file from that new beginning, but couldn’t find it anywhere. I started wondering if I had actually done more than contemplate starting. But then, this morning I found it! I must have been tired last night. I am quite happy to have found it and not have to start over completely from scratch.

Granted, it isn’t much of a start. It is just an outline of the coastline, mountains, hills, and a hex overlay. That may sound like a lot, but I’d estimate that is maybe 10% of the work (if that). Plus, I want to verify everything first to make sure that what is there is 100% accurate. But even as I say that it is only 10%, I am extremely happy to have that much.

Where I Was

Here is an image of a section of what I had before. I had background colors in place for the various terrain types (hills, mountains, marsh, etc.). My next step was to create symbols, similar to those Darlene used, to place on top of these colored areas. As I remember, that was it.

I always intended to make the .fsc files available for download. I wish I had done that as I went along. I certainly will this time!

Time Frame

Don’t look for this to be finished anytime soon. It is a lot of work, and I have many other projects that I’m working on, and even more that I want to start. But this is an important one to me. I really want to see it completed.