For some time I’ve been planning on designing doors, treasure chests, furniture, debris, etc, that could be printed out, possibly laminated, and then used to depict these objects on the battle mat. I still intend to do so (and I will put them in the downloads section when I do), but how cool would it be if these things actually stuck to the map but could also be removed and reused?

Folex makes a product called “self-adhering ink jet film“. It is a printable, clear, static-cling film that comes in 8½” x 11″ sheets. Print whatever you want on it, cut it to shape, and place it on your battle mat. There is no sticky adhesive. Just peal it off when you are done and store it till next time.

I have not used this product yet. I just now discovered it. But I have used static-cling holiday decorations on windows for years.

Folex states that this product “clings to smooth, clean surfaces like glass, plexi or polished metal”. I use a chessex rubber battle mat with a slightly textured surface so I’m a bit dubious as to whether it will work for me. But if you use something that is laminated or has a similar smooth surface, I suspect it will work just fine.

The 10-pack sells for $16.12 on the Coastal website. They have packs with more sheets that are cheaper per sheet as well as different sizes (including large rolls).

Dark Platypus Studios

I got the original idea from a Paizo ad for “Dungeon Clings: Sampler Pack” from Dark Platypus Studios. Dark Platypus has a lot of interesting products and are certainly worth a stroll through their website. I thought the artwork on their “Dungeon Clings” products left a lot to be desired and the $10 price tag seemed a bit high to me considering I can get 10 printable sheets for $16 and make my own (with better graphics). However, I haven’t tried their products yet. It may be that their “Dungeon Clings” stick better or are in some other way better than the printable sheets, but with money tight, I’ll make my own.