Real life issues have had me pretty much incapacitated the past couple of weeks, but there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m going to try to get out a few things, that have been burning to get written down for a while now, but it’ll be a while before I get to the big projects I’ve been working on.

What’s Up

A couple of weeks ago, I started my third bout of diverticulitis for the year. It’s painful, but as pain goes it’s really just an annoyance. Being bent over the sink or tethered to the toilet is far more inconvenient. And the meds are terrible. They mess with your head so you can’t concentrate and are always sleepy, but at the same time make it difficult to sleep.

At about the same time that this started, my cat started showing signs of a toothache. I had to borrow money just to take her in for an exam, suspecting where this was probably headed. Sure enough, she had an infected tooth. It was so bad that it had to be removed (and possibly others). But, in a way, this was good news. Sores in the mouth can be a sign of kidney disease. Tooth decay is far more treatable. However, I was quoted $550 to $700 and other vets in the area quoted similar fees (plus an initial visit for any vet that hasn’t seen her). Fortunately, I was able to borrow the money from someone who knows how unlikely it is that they will be repaid. I even got the vet to fit her into an upcoming cancelled appointment, instead of waiting the four weeks I would have had to wait otherwise. But that was just the beginning.

Fully sedating a fourteen-year-old cat is dangerous. And there is the chance of mistakes. Or complications. I’m a massively over-protective control freak, so waiting four days to get her in was torture; leaving her with them was even worse. They were nice enough to let me wait with her for 2½ hours in an exam room until they were ready to sedate her, opposed to just dropping her off to be left, alone and scared, in a cage. It was a long day, but everything went well. They had to pull two additional teeth, but she handled the sedative and procedure well. Now the follow-up meds start.

She sits in my lap and curls up on my chest when I watch TV. She sleeps next to me at night. But always on her terms. After 14 years, she still doesn’t let me pick her up and hold her except when she wants to be held. So restraining her to give her meds has been a nightmare. Forcing her down and prying her mouth open for the pain meds (liquid thank goodness) is bad enough, but watching the look of love and trust be replaced by fear and confusion is devastating. Fortunately, she has an endless capacity for forgiveness and tomorrow morning is the last of the pain meds. We still have seven days of anti-biotics ahead of us though, but that will be easier and only twice a day instead of three.

She is my world so I haven’t been able to function as far as anything else has been concerned lately. Even without her troubles, the diverticulitis and the associated meds have had me pretty messed up. However, I’m starting to feel better and she’s eating again so it’s clear she’ll be ok. I’m not 100%, nor will I be for a bit yet, but I’m anxious to get back on the computer. I’ve got some projects that I’ve been wanting to get back to.

What Projects?

As I said in my New Year’s post, I made some resolutions regarding the blog, and I have actually been working on them. I’ve done quite a bit on pulling together my house rules (although there is still tons to do yet), and begun researching the requirements of publishing via the OGL. Also, I’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes on the blog and want to start looking at aesthetic and interface changes. Projects around the house are always calling and the early flowers outside have started me thinking about gardening and landscaping.

But what has really been pulling at me is that I want to get back to reading up on Dungeon Crawl Classics. I managed to lay my hands on a PDF a number of weeks ago and am planning a review shortly. I’ve read through a couple times and think I’ve got my head around all the major components. There isn’t anything difficult, just some wonderful new ideas that I want to be sure I understand fully, so as not to make a fool of myself when I post the review. It really looks like an amazing game, so I’ve had a lot of fun reading up on it. I want to wait till my head clears to actually write the review though, so I’m sure it will be at least another week.

Also, I’ve really been feeling the mapping bug again lately. Hopefully, that feeling will stick around long enough for me to be productive. There are so many maps that I want to do, but there never seems to be enough time.

I just read through this and see that it is quite disjointed (even for me). I guess that just confirms that I really am as wooly-headed as I feel. Maybe some sleep will help, but mainly I just need to get these meds out of my system.