I mentioned in my previous post that I had created a new custom Character Sheet so I thought I'd give you a peek. Keep in mind that this is specific to my game and probably won't work as is for anyone else's needs. However, it may give you some ideas for creating your own and/or give you a place to start.

Note the 'Old Guy' in the site name

Being an 'Old Guy', I have a real problem with most of the character sheets that I've seen. They want to cram everything in the world onto one page and to do so the text gets very tiny. One of my main goals was to make it readable. I think I managed that fairly nicely. :)

It doesn't have any place to record feats or powers. Nor does it have anything about combat hit or damage. I figure that feats and anything else left off the first page can easily be listed without a special form. We will be using cards for powers so listing the names of powers is all that's really needed. As far as combat, our group has always used large index cards to track HPs, mana, etc with a combat chart taped to the bottom and we will probably continue to do that.

So I think I've covered everything on the character sheet that our group will need. I may have left something out and have to go back for a re-design but I suspect that this is very close.

It worked out nicely that there was just enough room to add the chart for calculating Ability Score Bonuses. It isn't needed on a Character Sheet but it sure looks to me like it could be convenient to have it there.