Last week I posted an article about Mega Miniatures. What I neglected to mention was that I also placed an order with them that day for over 200 minis. Today my shipment arrived and I am ecstatic!

I placed my order on Friday the 13th (Ominous!). I received a confirmation email within the hour and a follow-up email on Tuesday informing me that my order had shipped. Three days later it arrived.

The miniatures were wrapped in padding and placed in plastic containers (about five minis per container). All the containers were placed in a shipping box and padded as well. I couldn’t be more pleased with the care in which they were packaged.

John Lauck, owner of Mega Miniatures, manufactures all the miniatures himself as they are ordered. His work is praised all over the internet and he has been doing this for over a decade. Still, I was a little nervous. I hate ordering anything online. I want to pick an item up and look at it before I buy it. Who knows what you will end up with when you buy things online?

Everything was absolutely perfect! After careful examination of each mini, I could not find a single imperfection. His work is flawless.

I won’t even bother trying to hide my OCD… I spent a considerable amount of time matching each and every miniature to the picture of what should be included in each set. When packaging over 200 minis, there is a good chance that the wrong mini will get stuck in somewhere along the line. I really expected this to be the case. But no, John Lauck comes through with flying colors yet again! Every mini lined up perfectly with what was supposed to be there.

I’m generally pretty hard to please. So when I run across a company like this that pays attention to detail and does absolutely everything right, it makes me very very happy.


All of these are cast in tin. Only the giant cobra, giant rat, and two minis with wings require assembly (only one attachment each). The others are all cast as a single piece, including the bases. Most miniatures were around $1.89 each (discounted further as I bought sets). No one else on the internet even comes close.