When I run across a new blog, I rarely go back through the archives and read all the old posts. I suspect that others are much the same in this respect. That’s a shame. There could be rare gems buried in there that never again see the light of day. In order to revitalize these articles, I’ve created a new section in the sidebar titled “My Favorites”.

I did a quick search through the archives and listed a dozen or so that I thought stood out. They are listed in no particular order. Some are what I consider good articles while others are just posts that I want to be able to find quickly (such as “Roll a d6“).

You’ll notice that at the bottom of the section is a button labeled “List All Posts”. Push it. This will take you to a chronological listing of all the posts on this site. This is actually what prompted me to start this project.

The other day, I wanted to reread my earliest posts. WordPress software (and presumable others) make this rather cumbersome. Normally, when you visit a blog, you see a page with x number of posts. At the bottom of that listing is a button to see the previous page of x number of posts and so on. When the site has 100s of posts, this is a terrible method of getting to the earliest articles. Many sites have a mechanism to search the archives by year and month as well as a standard search feature where you can search by keyword. Although useful, I found both these methods to be rather clumsy for my needs.

Thus, the “List All Posts” feature was born. Hopefully, it is prominent and convenient enough to offer all my old posts a renewed chance at stardom.

List All Posts