In March 2013, Dwarven Forge started a kickstarter project to fund the development of a new line of tiles. They flew past their $50k goal in a matter of days. By the end, they raised $1.9 million dollars.

I’m so happy that I heard about it in time to take part! Then came the long wait.


Today, I opened the door to find a large package on the front porch. I knew we were getting close but I figured it would be at least another two or three weeks.

Anxiously, I open the box and started setting everything out. There were 14 smaller boxes, some packing material, a complimentary tote bag, and a thank you letter from the founder of the company.

Each and every piece was individually wrapped. I certainly appreciate the care they took. My appreciation did start to wane when I found myself still removing pieces from plastic an hour later. But I can’t complain as every piece was in excellent condition thanks to the packaging.

My cats loved the box of bags that I had made for them. :)

Here’s everything spread out on the table. Every piece accounted for, in perfect condition, and delivered exactly on time. Kudos Dwarven Forge for a perfectly run Kickstarter!