When I was in the hospital, I was heartbroken. I was away from my sweetheart. I’d lay in bed and ache to have her curled up beside me. Yet, I wondered how she would react when I finally got home. I provide food and water, treats, I change the litter box. Does she simply think of me as her servant and a warm lap to sleep in? Or does she love me? The minute I opened the door I knew.

When I entered the house and called out to her, she appeared around a corner with an anxious look on her face. I’d been gone a week, with someone else looking in on her for less than an hour a day. Naturally, she was lonely. I petted her briefly, brought in the rest of my things, got her some food and treats, and myself something to drink. She fell upon her food. Naturally, treats took priority over me at the moment.

But when I laid down on the bed, she promptly jumped up beside me and started rubbing up against me, nuzzling my neck, licking my face, almost frantically asking to be petted, and after a while curling up in my arms. She was so much more affectionate than usual and, to my good fortune, this has lasted ever since. She never lets me out of her sight. Wherever I go, she follows me, as if afraid I will disappear again. As I type this, she is curled up against my side.

She gave me my answer: I am more than a warm body that brings her what she wants. She actually missed me. She loves me! It is a wonderful feeling to know that your cat actually loves you back!

My Dream

Maybe it was a dream, maybe it was a hallucination, maybe in my drug-addled state I saw past the edges of the matrix into the true reality. In my semi-dream state, I thought it was real and still wish it was.

I was lying in bed and noticed a number of small plastic bags hanging from the ceiling. Each contained a small booklet or pamphlet with a scene depicted on its front. When Jasmin pushed her head against one, the reality around her would shift to that represented on the cover of the booklet she had selected. It was like she had chosen a movie and then became part of that movie.

One of the booklets had a picture of her and I in our house. When she selected it, the world resolved into my bedroom, with me laying on my bed and her beside me, me petting her and her rubbing up against me.

Our life together was a movie she selected from the various options hanging down in front of her. She chose it over and over, as our life together was what she wanted more than anything else: running in a field, chasing birds, playing outside. She could choose anything she wanted, but she chose to be there with me. It was overwhelmingly wonderful!

It is reassuring to think that she loves our life together, over any alternative reality she could choose. I hope it’s true. It certainly is for me.