Reaper Miniatures ran their first Bones Kickstarter campaign a few years ago. I heard about it two weeks after it ended. It was amazing and I was crushed. So when they announced their Bones II Kickstarter, I jumped on board immediately. My shipment got here back in March but I’m just now getting around to posting about it.

The Bones II Kickstarter campaign raised $3,169,610 from 14,964 backers (an average of $211.82 per person).

Personally, I got the Core Set, Two Expansion Sets, Nine Mini Sets, and a handful of individual minis. I don’t remember what the total bill was, but per mini it was an amazing deal and I am extremely pleased.


(Click images for larger view)

Core Set

Expansion Set #1

Expansion Set #2


Detailed Images From the Kickstarter Website

I realize that you can’t see much detail in the pictures above. Hereafter are the images that Reaper used on their Kickstarter website showing all the minis in much greater detail. I only included the images showing the options I purchased. There is quite a bit more shown on the actual kickstarter page.