Most of us simply enjoy playing D&D and similar role-playing games. We don’t really pay attention to the drama taking place behind the scenes. That doesn’t really mean that we are apathetic or approve of these things. It’s just that there is so much going on in the world, that it is difficult to keep up on these events. Fortunately, Tenkar’s Tavern reports and archives these events for us so they are there when we are motivated to catch up on what is happening behind the scenes.

When Gary passed away, his wife Gail inherited control of the Gygax name, certain IPs, and various other properties. Since then, she has sat on these properties preventing anyone from using them. Gary’s sons bought the rights to the trademark “TSR Inc.” and started a business producing “Gygax Magazine”. It was exciting to read stories written by people who actually knew Gary and who had played in his campaign. It was a quality magazine that was very well received. Yet Gail set her sights on killing the venture.

WotC announced that they would reproduce the 1st Edition Advanced D&D books, with a portion of sales donated to the Gary Gygax Memorial Fund.

Gail was in charge of the fund with a select few hand-picked individuals managing the fund along with her. The stated purpose was to create a physical memorial in a park located in Gary’s home town. Gail was happy to receive the money generated from the book sales, as well as other donations to the fund. Nearly 10 years ago the fund had been granted land for the memorial, design for a large monument had been completed, expectations were that fans would soon be able to travel to Lake Geneva to pay tribute to the father of fantasy role-playing. Instead, due to mismanagement of funds and overwhelming apathy on the part of Gail and her cohorts, virtually nothing has been done. The only substantial accomplishment thus far is that a commemorative “brick” has been placed. What little that has been done has only been done after overwhelming pressure from fans and threats of legal action.

Much more can be read at the Tenkar’s Tavern archives. It is well worth the time to read the entire text.

I greatly appreciate the time and effort Erik (of Tenkar’s Tavern) has put into continually following and reporting on Gail’s obstructive methods and her shameful lack of respect for Gary and his children. Hopefully, one day soon, Gail will be forced to complete the work she was tasked to do on behalf of her amazing late husband and create the memorial that was promised and that fans have paid for.