Recently, I got a Roku device. I subscribed to all of the free channels and was initially quite disappointed. I couldn’t find anything I was interested in. But then I came across the Tubi channel. It has a dozen or so categories , each with scores of programs or movies. It would take me years to watch the ones that looked good to me, and the offerings change regularly so I would never run out of thing to watch.

The one that I’ve really been into lately is Monarch of the Glen. It is about a Laird and his family and the intrigue that arises between them. The story will probably appeal to most dnd’ers, but what is really fascinating is the castle.

When I type “Ardverikie House floorplans” into google, I get various links, but each floorplan is slightly different, they are all on pinterest, wheich partially blocks the images from me, and each has numbered rooms but no key. In any case, you can do a search yourself and get the floorplans.

Glenbogle castle is filmed at Ardverikie House, a 19th-century Scottish baronial house in Kinloch Laggan, Newtonmore, Inverness-shire, in the Scottish Highlands. A brief google search discovers that the estate is open to visitors year-round, and the castle itself is open one day a year, with a guided tour available for a small fee. There are amazing inns in the area with inexpensive rooms available year-round, many quaint villages within a short drive, and everything accessible via train. In addition, there are tons of outdoor trips and activities for people of all physical abilities and inclination.

This looks like a dream trip. I hope I can make it happen one day.

For those that find this all as fascinating, as I do, you might also be interested in becoming a Laird (Scottish Lord) or Lady yourself. I saw an unrelated ad where you can buy yourself a title for $50. It comes with a certified crest and a small plot of land (one square foot) in Dunfermline, Scotland. According to the description, you can update other documents, such as your passport, with your new title: Laird, Lord, or Lady. I haven’t done this yet but I plan to do so soon and I will post how it works out.