As most of you know, I frequently write about miniatures. Mine disappeared years ago in the midst of a series of garage sales and I have been pursuing avenues of replacing them ever since. I don’t like the current light-weight plastic minis, nor the some-assembly-required minis, nor even the insert-tab-into-base minis. Beyond that, I just don’t have the funds to support buying $5 – $10 miniatures. These limitations have prevented me from rebuilding my miniatures collection for years. But now, something has changed!

A few months ago, I discovered Mega Miniatures. Not only do they sell inexpensive, high-quality metal miniatures, they manufacture them themselves. Even better, they have a large collection of molds for the old Grenadier miniatures (sculpted by Julie Guthrie). These are the miniatures I remember from when I first started playing D&D in the 70’s. As if $1.89 each wasn’t already an amazing price, they offer nine sets of 20 (PC minis) for $28.49 each. In addition, they offer free shipping (anywhere in the world) on all orders over $100.

Sadly, the owner (John Lauck), has decided to get out of the manufacturing end and has started selling off the molds for various miniatures. So far, this hasn’t included any of the Grenadier minis but there’s no telling how long it will be before they too disappear. If you want some awesome minis at a great price, this is the place to go!