If you are a fan of fantasy mapping (or really any type of mapping for that matter), you are probably familiar with Cecil Soloman’s Ultimate Art Collection (CSUAC). It is a collection of user created symbols that were originally posted on the Dundjinni forums. Cecil collected these symbols, packaged them, and made them available for download. Then he disappeared. Since then, the CSUAC has only been intermittently available, but as of late has fortunately found a permanent home.

Recently, I discovered that there is another treasure trove of symbols available out there!

As I said, the symbols contained within the CSUAC were originally posted to the Dundjinni forums. After Cecil gathered them together, people continued to post symbols there. Anyone who wants to, can go to the Dundjinni forums and search for these additional symbols themselves. This is somewhat arduous work, requiring a great deal of patience and dedication. Fortunately, someone else has been doing just that and bundling those symbols together for us.

Between 2008 and 2013, Sendorian has been putting together monthly collections of these additional symbols. A couple of days ago, I discovered that these collections were available for download. Here is the original announcement made by Vintyri (Mark Oliva of the Vintyri Project) on the ProFantasy forums.

As stated, these archives can be found at http://SemoRecordings.com/files/.

Follow the path to: /Files/Gaming/RPG/Dundjinni/Monthly Archives

Additionally, these archives can also be found at https://app.box.com/shared/ljb15vae1b.

My understanding is that these archives only include symbols uploaded between 2008 and 2013. Furthermore, no one is creating any additional collections. But it is still possible to go to the Dundjinni forums and download newer symbols yourselves.

Note that the CSUAC is available both through Vintyri and through Dundjinni.

Shessar, on the ProFantasy forums, has posted a detailed set of instructions for installing the CSUAC to work with CC3+.