Last week, I posted that my new Reaper paints had arrived. I ordered two sets, each containing 108 bottles of paint. Together these represent the entire Reaper MSP line.

When I opened the sets, initial inspection showed that each set contained 107 bottles, instead of the 108 advertised. I then painstakingly arranged them all by model number (as listed on the side of each bottle) in order to determine which two were missing. This is quite a bit more involved than it sounds, as there are a great many gaps in the numbering system. After arranging what I had, and comparing those to the list of paints on the Reaper site, I determined that there were actually ten bottles missing (eight had been replaced with duplicates of other colors).

In order to save money, I ordered the paints through Miniature Giant (who offer these kits at 26% off). I sent them an email informing them of the situation. They immediately emailed me back. Reaper has asked them to pass along such info to them so that they may deal with the customer directly. The following business day, I received an email from Reaper apologizing for the mix-up and letting me know that they would ship replacement paints out asap.

Just a few days later, my replacement paints arrived by first class mail (including an additional free sample bottle of paint). They didn’t even ask me to send back the duplicates (That’s ten free bottles of paint, eleven including the free sample!).

Granted it was a bit annoying to find that the initial order wasn’t perfect, but these things happen. How they handle the situation is what defines a company. Both Miniature Giant and Reaper were both extraordinary to deal with. I received prompt, courteous service from both and am extremely pleased to have such wonderful companies available to deal with. I will certainly continue to use both in the future and heartily recommend them both to others as well.

Those that know me know that I tend to piss and moan when I receive anything less than perfect service so I try to go out of my way to also offer praise when it is due. In this case, it is more than warranted.