Researching hardware and building a computer is a great deal of fun. At least I think so. But installing and configuring software on a new PC quickly gets quite tedious. Fortunately, I’m nearly done.

Last night, I tackled all my ProFantasy mapping software. It’s nice to have them all up and running again!

First off, everything installed and seems to be working beautifully with Windows 10! Being so new, I rather expected it to be a problem.

Secondly, I own nearly every program ProFantasy makes and everything installed without any real issues.

Installation Tricks

There are a couple of tricks to installing ProFantasy software that will save you headaches down the road:

1. Install CC3 and all of its add-ons first. Do not install CC3+ until you are all done. The names are so similar; it is easy to click the wrong one. If you are installing a great many add-ons and annuals, it’s just easier (for me) to keep things simple.

2. Do not simply double-click on any of the setup or patch files. Instead, right-click on each file and select “Run as Administrator”. Otherwise, Windows may attempt to prevent portions of the program from installing correctly.

3. Do not install Campaign Cartographer 3 into the default location. CC3 (and all of its add-ons) attempt to write to the install directory during normal use. The default “Program Files (x86)” directory structure is protected by Windows. This can lead to a situation where Windows prevents CC3 from running correctly.

Instead, when you are presented with a page (during install) displaying the two options: “Complete” and “Personalized”. Be sure to select “Personalized”. This will allow you (on a following page) to select a different installation directory.

The default directory is:

c:/Program Files (x86)/ProFantasy/cc3

Change this line so that it reads:


4. After installing CC3, run “Update 11” as Administrator (found on your download page). Note that Update 11 may be replaced by a more recent update.

After running Update 11, install all of your add-ons, style packs, annuals, etc. (in any order you desire, as Administrator). Then run Update 11 again. If you choose, you can run Update 11 after each add-on and it won’t hurt anything. But it is not necessary.

Note that some add-ons have patches or additional content that should be installed. Be sure that you run Update 11 after these as well. Again, you do not have to run Update 11 after each one, just when you are finished running them all.

Fractal Terrains

Fractal Terrains has the same issue as Campaign Cartographer, with Windows not playing well when it is installed in the “Program Files (x86)” directory structure. Therefore, I install it the same way: Run as Administrator, select “Personalized” during install, and install into a different directory. In this case, I selected:



With everything else installed, I moved on to CC3+. Again, I ran as Administrator and selected “Personalized”. However, there is no option to change the install directory. CC3+ no longer writes to the install directory (other than during install) so this is no longer an issue. Instead, CC3+ creates a data directory which it uses for symbols, user data, etc. By default, this is in the “ProgramData” directory, which is hidden and may reside in different places depending on your operating system. During install, you may select a different data directory. I recommend:


Other Issues You May Encounter During Installation

1. When installing SS1 (Fantasy Overland Symbol Set), I received an error message that .NET v2.0 and v3.5 were not installed. In years past, there was a similar issue with .NET v1.1 being needed. That was corrected and there is info on the ProFantasy website discussing the matter. However, this error message is referring to a new version and the steps for dealing with the older version didn’t correctly deal with the matter. In the end, I let Windows 10 download and install the .NET files and moved on. SS1 installed fine after that.

2. One or more of the add-ons reported that it could not locate the install directory. A directory tree was presented allowing me to select the install directory. I selected “c:/ProFantasy/cc3” (the custom install diretory that I had previously selected) and the install continued.

3. City Designer 3 has an additional setup file “CD3Bitmaps.exe” that installs “Ultra High Resolution Artwork”. When I ran this, instead of the standard install screen, I got one with two options: Repair/Reinstall or Uninstall, with Uninstall being the default. Apparently, this program incorrectly assumed that it had already been run. Since this file is 4x the size of the CD3 setup file, obviously the Ultra HighRes Artwork had not been installed with the base program. I selected “Repair/Reinstall” and all was well.

4. When I was all done installing CC3 and its add-ons, I installed CC3+. When it completed, I ran “CC3PlusUpdate2.exe” (the most current patch for CC3+). It said it could not determine the install directory. As in a similar problem above, I was presented with a file tree. I selected “c:/Program Files (x86)/ProFantasy/CC3Plus” from the tree but it continued to tell me that it could not determine the install directory. I exited everything, rebooted, and tried again. Everything worked this time.

All in all, I think everything went quite smoothly. CC3, CD3, DD3, CA3, SS1, SS4, 96 months of Annuals (2007-2014), CC3+, FT3, extra-content, patches… That’s a LOT of programs! The few oddities I encountered were easily dealt with. I only mention them here so that anyone else who runs into them can see what I did and, hopefully, get past them as easily as I did. Kudos ProFantasy for making last night such an easy install session!