Today marks the 4th anniversary of the starting of this blog. Actually, yesterday does because, as usual, I got distracted and put this off too long. But in any event, Happy Anniversary!

When I started this, I didn’t give any thought to how long I’d keep at it. Even with a few long breaks along the way, I’m rather happy to see that I’m still here. As is somewhat customary, I think I’ll take a look at where I’ve been and where I’m going.

In The Beginning

I stepped away from D&D shortly after 3e came out and returned when 4e was in full swing. Quite a lot had changed. I had given away all of my D&D books and notes, so if I was going to run a game again I would have to start from scratch. I decided to try to embrace this new edition so even my knowledge of the game was back at square one.

It occurred to me that this is exactly where a new D&D’er would be. I’d have to buy the books, some dice, various supplies, design a setting and some dungeons. I was literally starting with nothing. What a great opportunity to record my progress for posterity.

What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been

It was fun documenting everything. It didn’t take long to find that embracing 4e just wasn’t going to happen for me. I am not vehemently opposed to it as some folks are. In fact, I find much of what they’ve done quite interesting. But it just isn’t for me.

Over the past four years I’ve played around with a lot of rules, tweaking this and modifying that. Some of that tinkering has led to something good while other ideas found their way to the round file. But I hope the process of examining the rules system has been enjoyable. I certainly plan to continue to do so.

What Now?

Reading over all my posts (especially the earliest ones) I find that many of my views have changed. I think I’d like to start over. My initial goal was to document the process of coming to D&D as a neophyte, preparing a world, and learning to become a DM. What I wrote then isn’t what I’d write now. My ideas and views have changed and I would now approach things differently. I think I’m going to take that goal and have another go at it, from a new perspective. That will be my main focus for a while.

I built my miniatures collection back up, acquired paints, and supplies, set up a work area, but never really got around to painting any miniatures. That will be changing shortly. Assuming I can master close up photography, you’ll be seeing lots of pictures of these upcoming masterpieces!

About a month ago, I picked up all the CC3 annuals. I’m slowly going through them and savoring every issue. As I put each one to use, I’ll be posting new maps in various styles. The annuals are really amazing and worth every penny.

I’m committed to re-creating my Darlene map of the World of Greyhawk. It’s a big project and takes a lot of motivation to get started. But once I do, I will save multiple copies along the way! And once it’s done I’ll make it available for download, both as a png and as the original .fcw files.

My big project though is creating my own RPG. It will be a long time coming but it is moving along nicely. I plan to release a PHB, DMG, and MM (under different names of course) as free downloads, both as PDFs and as Word documents. Then, it’s my hope to sell PDF accessories based on those rules.

So that’s the plan. I’m sure I’ll continue to take breaks now and then, but it appears that I’ll be doing this for some time to come.

Happy Holidays!