Something cool is coming!

I just heard about this yesterday. From what I’ve discovered thus far, Gygax Magazine is being put together by Luke and Ernie Gygax and Tim Kask:

GYGAX Magazine is an exciting venture from Luke & Ernie Gygax (Gary Gygax’s sons who helped create much of what fans know as D&D), Tim Kask, the original editor of Dragon magazine, and Jayson Elliot, publisher and creative director of the project. In the spirit of the original Dragon magazine, GYGAX hopes to rekindle the old school spirit for a new generation of gamers. GYGAX magazine will focus on the entire tabletop gaming hobby and community. The magazine will focus on the overall dedication to the gaming hobby, but will give a healthy amount of attention to the 1st and 2nd editions of AD&D, Pathfinder and D&D Next. Popular gaming systems such as Cortex +, ORE, WH40K RPG, etc. will be featured each quarter, giving GYGAX magazine a well-rounded feel with content that appeals to every gamer.

– James Carpio (Gygax Magazine Gaming Content Editor)

The magazine will be put out by TSR Games (a new company not to be confused with TSR Inc, which is owned by WotC). Some people seem to be bothered by the use of the name TSR, claiming that they are trying to trade on the name of an existing company. Personally, I like it. Gary founded TSR and had it stolen from him. I think it is quite appropriate for his sons to form a company with a similar name. I seems right to me that Gygax and TSR should be together again. I absolutely love that they were able to pick up the abandoned trademark. All they need now is to bring Darlene on staff as illustrator.

We are a new company, not the old TSR, as they were purchased by Wizards in the ’90s. The trademark was abandoned about nine years ago, and we registered it in 2011. We decided the best thing to release first as TSR was a gaming magazine, because we wanted a way to bridge the traditions of the old guard with the awesome new games that are out today.

– Jayson Elliot (Publisher and Creative Director)

Here is what Tim Kask had to say about the new magazine:

Gygax is a gaming magazine for new and old players alike.

We are looking forward to the games of tomorrow and today, while preserving the traditions and history that got us where we are now.

Our articles and features cover current independent and major publisher games such as Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, The One Ring, Shadowrun, Godlike, Labyrinth Lord, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Warhammer 40k Roleplay, Traveller, and others, as well as classic out-of-print games with a modern following, like AD&D, Top Secret, and Gamma World.

Our features include comics by Phil Foglio (What’s New With Phil and Dixie), Jim Wampler (Marvin the Mage), and Rich Burlew (Order of the Stick).

Contributors include Jim Ward, Cory Doctorow, James Carpio, Ethan Gilsdorf, Dennis Sustare, and many more.

Publishing quarterly in print as well as PDF and iPad editions, we hope each issue of Gygax will be an anticipated and treasured addition to any gamer’s library.

– Tim Kask

You can sign up to be notified when the first issue is available at

I’m excited to hear first hand, from Gary’s sons, about their experiences in the early days of the hobby and their stories about Gary.