When I decided to get back into D&D and to embrace 4th edition, I bought the three core books: DMG, PHB, and MM. (Actually, I also got a deal on PHB2 so I got that too.) Since then I've been wanting to get a bunch more but the price has been putting me off. Specifically, I've been wanting Adventurer's Vault, Adventurer's Vault II, and Monster Manual II. The price tag on those new is $30, $30, and $35. I couldn't afford them but really wanted them for my upcoming game.

I checked online and Amazon had quite a deal. I could get all three (new) for around $60 with free shipping. But I don't like buying anything online. I know lots of people who do and none of them have ever had a problem but I still prefer to walk into a store and pick up the product before I buy it.

I was at the Heritage Mall in Albany today and stopped by the book store. They are closing up in a couple weeks and I thought I'd see if they were having any sales before then. I didn't expect them to match Amazon but thought it was worth checking in.

Good thing I did! Everything was on sale between 30% and 50% off. Instead of paying $95 for the three books, I got them for $55.


I've just barely flipped through the books but so far I am very happy with them. The biggest lack in the three core books, imo, is the number of magic items. Compared to the volume of magic items detailed in earlier versions, 4th edition's selection is laughable. Did someone really think that FOUR potions was an adequate selection?!?

The two Adventurer's Vault books more than made up for that. A lot of old favorites are there along with tons of new stuff. All of it updated to fit with 4th edition. And there are tons of potions! Beyond magic items, the books had a wide variety of adventuring gear plus some new things like alchemical goods.

Monster Manual II was similarly impressive. The first book was missing a lot but that was expected. You can only fit so much into a book and still hit your price point. The second book filled in the gaps nicely. Most of the monsters that I was aware were missing from the first book were in the second book. Between the two I feel like I have the full array once again.

That's probably all the books that I'll be buying for some time now. Honestly, I don't feel like I'm missing anything anymore. However, I've got a LOT of typing to do now. In between everything else, I am building databases for monsters and magic items, among other things, and these three books have given me a ton of new material to add!