It must be Gary Gygax day. Today, I ran across two great posts about Gary on Google Plus. First, there was an old interview he did on Thunderstruck Fanzine. Then there was a great post linking a number of articles involving Gary. I have to say that I’ve really been enjoying G+ a lot more than I first expected I would. Finds like these are just part of the fun.

First, I ran across a post by Andy Action (in The Hobby Shop Dungeon Community):

Interview with Gary Gygax from the Thunderstuck! No. 4 (UK fanzine), Aug. 1982. The interviewer/author mentions some fairly detailed, and rather intimate, aspects of Mr. Gygax that, at least for me, were quite compelling to read. Enjoy!
— Andy Action

Then I discovered another great find, posted by Andy C (on the Greyhawk Community page) providing a wonderful list of articles involving Gary Gygax.

I’m not intentionally trying to steal his hard work. I just want to keep track of these links for myself. Re-posting them here is an easy way to do that. It also allows me to share them with you.

Some more good stuff for those of you interested in Gygax’s original campaign – something of a “greatest hits list” of source material available on the web. Included are two articles by EGG on how he created Greyhawk itself (one from 1975, one from 2000) and a selection of several stories published in various ‘zines between 1974 and 1975 including game play narratives in story format, which offer insight into how the campaign was conducted, some setting bits and stories involving iconic characters from the setting like Mordenkainen and Bigby. Short, fun reads and a window into the dawn both of the hobby and the original Greyhawk campaign:
— Andy C

“How To Set Up Your Dungeons & Dragons Campaign” in Europa (Diplomacy ‘zine), April 1975.

“To Forge A Fantasy World: Greyhawk’s Creation” in “Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Essays on Roleplaying” (Jolly Roger Games, 2000).

A letter from Gary Gygax to the ‘zine Alarums & Excursions.

“Swords & Sorcery – In Wargaming” (Wargamer’s Digest, May 1974).

“The Expedition Into the Black Reservoir; a Dungeon Adventure at Greyhawk Castle” (El Conquistador, 1975).

“The Giant’s Bag” (Great Plains Game Players Newsletter #7, April 1975).

“The Magician’s Ring” (Wargamer’s Digest, June 1975).

+Grodog pointed out another old article I should include, from Zenopus Archives: “Visualizing Castle Greyhawk“. It includes a number of cool images that I hadn’t seen previously, two of which claim to be original hand-drawn maps used by Gary to run Castle Greyhawk adventures at conventions!

This seems very similar to an article from the April 1975 issue of Europa Magazine, which I wrote about years ago in a post titled Castle Greyhawk.

And if you are going to talk about Castle Greyhawk, you really need to include Grodog’s Greyhawk Castle Archive. No discussion of Castle Greyhawk would be complete without it.

+Jon Thompson reminded me about the Q&A with Gary on Dragonsfoot.

Which reminded me of another article I wrote a few years ago titled “The Immortal Col Pladoh“, that also links the Dragonsfoot Q&A posts, as well as links to posts on Enworld and Troll Lord Games.