Kobold Quarterly is offering a free copy of issue #11 through February 9, 2011 (no strings attached). Just go to their website and follow the instructions.

Here is a copy of their announcement:

Download a Free Issue of Kobold Quarterly Through Feb. 9

by Kobold Vault Guardpost

Curses! Those dirty gnomes drugged our guard weasels—using weaselnip, the blighters!—and broke into the Kobold’s vault!

Until we sober them up, there’s nothing the kobolds can do to stop you from downloading a FREE issue of Kobold Quarterly magazine. Go to the KQ Store, add issue #11 to your cart, and enter the coupon code KQ11Gift at checkout to snatch a PDF copy of your own.

In its pages you’ll find:

  • The Ecology of the Vampire
  • The Uvandir, John Wick’s amazing take on dwarves
  • DM Advice from Mike Mearls, Robin Laws, Jason Buhlman, and others
  • The Wish Spell in 4th Edition
  • 4E Paragon Paths for Minotaur, Kobold, Hobgoblin and Bugbear PCs
  • The Spell-less Ranger, a Pathfinder core class
  • Monte Cook’s Game Theories

And tons more!

The weasels will be alert and back on duty on February 9, so act now (and tell your friends)!