Two years ago, I discovered what was to become my favorite miniatures manufacturer. Not only did Mega Miniatures produce high quality metal miniatures at a very reasonable rate, they had a large number of the original Grenadier molds (sculpted by Julie Guthrie). These are the miniatures that I grew up with when the hobby was new.

Naturally, I bought all of these old Grenadier minis (newly cast) and was astounded by the wonderful service, excellent quality, and fantastic prices. I forget the specifics, but I received over 200 miniatures for less than $1.50 each! My only complaint is that I didn’t order more. Here is a link to the post I made when I received my minis.

Sadly, I was informed recently that Mega Miniatures will be closing its doors soon. Here is a notice from their website:

UPDATE: This is your last chance to buy Mega Miniatures products at our regular low prices because we are closing down our online shop on Tuesday October 29th 2013 at 10:00pm Eastern standard time.

Fortunately, he does list who bought which molds so it is still possible to obtain those old Grenadier miniatures. But I’m familiar with the exceptional quality that John Lauck, owner of Mega Miniatures, put into his minis. Anyone else is, to me, an untested entity. I’m sad that I won’t be able to continue going through him.