Forget Fantasy Football. I want to see a Fantasy Basketball game, with actual fantasy elements!

I’m imagining a regular basketball game, with three wizards on each team (each group in a raised box on opposite sides of the court, where they have a clear view of the action).

Each wizard may cast unlimited spells. Each spell is insta-cast, may be cast at range, and persists for six seconds. Only one spell, cast by a given wizard, may be active at once. Wizards may cast any spell they know, so long as no permanent damage is caused.

For instance, a player takes the ball and starts down the court. One of his wizards casts haste on him, and he takes off past the opposing team. One of their wizards casts slow on him, while another of that team’s wizards summons a goblin directly in the player’s path to intercept him. The player’s wizard casts mirror image on him, allowing him to dodge the goblin as well as the opposing players coming up on him from behind. One enemy wizard teleports the player, so that instead of approaching his team’s basket, he is approaching the other team’s basket. A second wizard casts an illusion so that the player doesn’t realize what’s happened. The third wizard casts darkness in the opposing wizard’s box, so that they can’t see to cast any spells for a few moments, just long enough for the player to make a 3-point shot in the wrong basket!

Obviously, this is just a half-baked idea I had, that came to me while I was napping, and it isn’t actually something that could feasibly be put together. But I think it is a fun concept. If it could be done, it would be so much fun to play, or even just to watch. Alas, once again real life fails to keep up with my imagination.