I’m one of those weird people that loves fall. Summer is nice but often too hot and humid. I love the changing colors of fall, the cooler nights, the brisk air. I even look forward to the first rain and smell of damp earth.

Fall also brings me back to the computer and usually rekindles my interest in D&D!

Where Have I Been?

Sadly, I suffer from various medical problems and four or five months ago things got worse for a while. When I started feeling better, I took it easy and read a lot.

When I did return to the computer, I started playing an obscure sci-fi MMO called Star Sonata. I don’t recommend it as it is poorly designed and generally annoying but it reminded me of an early predecessor (Omnitrend’s Universe) that I played during the 80s. Now that I have that bug out of my system, I’m starting to think about D&D again.

What’s Next?

I’m currently pouring through various forums that I haven’t visited in some time and sorting through a number of projects that were left off only partially complete.

I want to update the website, and have a number of articles in mind already, but beyond that I think maybe it’s time to start heading in a new direction. My map-making skills need honing and there are all sorts of gaming aids I want to create. Detailing the steps needed to create these tools should be interesting. Writing a series of tutorials for CC2 and other cartography programs should be challenging as well. Hopefully someone may actually find them useful.

I’ve always had in the back of my head that I should be creating something that I can sell online (in PDF form) through the site as well. Numerous ideas come to mind: modules, paper miniatures, dungeon geomorphs, etc. I will certainly do some of that sort of thing and make them available for free download, but it would sure be nice to find something that would bring in at least a tiny bit of income.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for things to come.

Most importantly, I’m back, I’m feeling better, I got my MMO fix out of the way, and I’m thinking about D&D again!