I hope you have some money saved up. You are definitely going to want to get in on this!!!

Dwarven Forge is running a City Builder System Kickstarter.

As of today, there are only eight days left.

The First Kickstarter

In the summer of 2013, Dwarven Forge ran their first Kickstarter (Dungeon Tiles). It included terrain for dungeon rooms, corridors, stairs, and various bits of dungeon dressing.

I am so pleased that I had heard about it in time, and even more pleased that I had some money stashed away so that I was able to take advantage of that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Here is my post with pictures of the unwrapping.

Everything arrived on time and in perfect condition. I could not be happier with the way Dwarven Forge ran their first kickstarter or with the wonderful products that I received.

The Second Kickstarter

A year later, Dwarven Forge ran their second Kickstarter (Cavern Tiles). It included all the tiles needed for a cavernous environment: caves and passageways, stalagmites, pools, raised areas, even mushrooms and giant spider webs.

By all accounts it was just as amazing as their Dungeon Tiles offering. Sadly, it came at a time when funds were tight and I was unable to take part. It hurts every time I think about how I missed out on this one.

This Kickstarter

Here we are, another year later, and Dwarven Forge is at it again. As amazing as the first two Kickstarters were, the City Builder System Kickstarter manages to far exceed all expectations!

This time we get everything needed to build an entire medieval city! Multi-story houses, paved streets, various options for roofs, windows, doors, and stairs. There is even a sewer system.

It is clear that this isn’t just a company coming up with products to sell, but life-long gamers satisfying their dreams of creating what they themselves have always wanted for their own games, and sharing that dream with us.

With just over a week left to go, they have far exceeded their goal with $1.3 million pledged and literally dozens of stretch goals and add-on packs unlocked.

You DO NOT want to miss this one!!!

Sadly, funds are tight and I won’t be able to participate in this, or any other, kickstarter for quite some time. So when you receive your delivery, please come back and post pics of your unboxing so I can enjoy your new city as well!