It has come to my attention that some people enjoying making donations to blogs that they frequent. Really! I am terribly sorry for not having realized this sooner. By not providing a facility for you to show your support, I have deprived you, my dear readers, of the joy associated with such a philanthropic act.

I have taken steps to alleviate this oversight, and procured a “Donations” tab, which is now proudly displayed on the menu bar.

I hope you can forgive me for my grievous neglect. I’ve done what I can to make reparations.

; )

I’ve had ads up forever, but the income from them really is negligible. I get a little affiliate credit, but that just buys a product or two a year and just from that vendor.

Many sites have started putting up a paywall, but that just seems wrong to me. I enjoy running this blog. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do it.

Each post does have a link to donate (“Buy Mike a Cup of Coffee“), and I do get a steady stream of small donations that way (Thank you those that donate!!!), but I’m hoping to find a way to increase that.

Most of all, I’d like to generate enough to pay for the webspace and maybe take part in a kickstarter every once in a while. I had to miss out on the Bones III and Dwarven Forge City Kickstarters this past year, and that was miserable.

So please click on the Donations tab, read my unabashed plea, and consider making a donation once in a while.


Thank You

And Remember… If you can’t afford to make a donation, posting a comment is almost as good!