If you would like to make a donation, I would be more than happy to accept it. : )


I’m sure you’ve all noticed the Dutch Brother’s cup at the end of every post. If you click on it, you go to a page displaying a PayPal button just like the one below. Simply click on the “donate” button (or this handy dandy one, located right here for your convenience), and you will be taken to PayPal’s secure site where you can enter and donate whatever amount you like.

Any amount is appreciated.

Physical Donations

Occasionally, I’ve been asked if I’d like a book or extra module someone had lying around. The answer is yes, yes I would!

Since being forced to go on disability, my discretionary funds have decreased rather dramatically. The SSA seems to think that it is the 1920s and dispenses living expenses accordingly. Therefore, my gaming-related purchases are on a permanent hiatus. Not being able to purchase new games (or old ones for that matter), or partake in kickstarters, has been pretty disheartening.

If anyone has gaming materials (new or old) that they are thinking about getting rid of, feel free to send them my way! Books, modules, minis, dice, whatever… It’s always fun to see an unexpected package in the mail!

Packages can reach me via snail mail at:

Mike Summers
1315 SW 15th Avenue
Albany, Oregon, 97321