One problem we have always faced at the gaming table was not having enough light. Placing extra lamps on the table, or standing lamps next to the table, certainly added more light. But they were always in the way and the cords were in danger of being tripped over.

A friend of mine came up with a rather ingenious solution. He built a long, narrow table (2′ x 6′) to stand on top of our gaming table (4′ x 8′). The legs screwed into brackets and could be removed so the whole thing could be easily stored.

He affixed a printed grid to the top and covered that with a very thin sheet of Plexiglas or some sort of plastic. This gave us a great surface for miniatures that could be drawn on with markers and cleaned easily.

The really cool part is that he affixed 6′ long florescent lighting to the underside of the table. This gave us all the light we could ask for!

I wish I had pictures of this. Hopefully my description is making sense. The table gave us more room, wonderful lighting, and separated the battlefield from the snack table. It really worked out well. The only drawback was that the miniatures area was a little high. There was enough room for a bottle of pop (plus about an inch) under the lighting, so the legs must have been 14″- 16″ long. We had to stand up a lot during battles, but we tended to do that anyway so this has never been a big deal.

All in all, it has been a great solution.