What kind of gaming table does your group use? A small dining table? A coffee table? Do you wish you had more room? I prefer a huge tabletop where I can spread out and still have room for miniatures in the center. But who wants a table that dominates the living space? Folding tables are handy but they are generally wobbly and aren’t as wide as I want. Plus, I suspect that if I were ever able to find one big enough, the price would be astronomical.

Here’s a simple idea for making a table yourself.

When I was in school, I wanted a work table for electronics projects. It had to be sturdy and durable and something I didn’t have to worry about damaging.

At the time I really had no idea in mind but then I ran across exactly what I needed. At the hardware store I found a pair of folding table legs. Not a whole table, just the legs. I didn’t know they sold them separately. These were perfect. I immediately knew what I wanted to attach them to: a 4′ x 8′ sheet of 1/2″ plywood. It would make a huge table that was sturdy and durable and it would certainly take some abuse. It worked perfectly for a project table.

It wasn’t until I moved home that I got back into D&D and realized that this would also make a wonderful gaming table. I could set it up right in the middle of the living room (or wherever was convenient) for a game, and then fold it up and store it between games.

It actually worked out so well that our group still uses it to this day. I gave it to a friend, whose house we normally meet at, and he stores it in the garage most of the time and hauls it into the living room for game days.

Thirty years ago I think I paid less than $20 for the whole thing. Today, it will run slightly more. A quick search at home depot came up with a pair of folding legs for $28.35 and nice looking sheet of 4′ x 8′ plywood for $36.97. That is by no means an exhaustive search but even if you look no further, $65 is a pretty good deal.

That old table is stained, has numerous rings from pop bottles and coffee cups, marks from various markers, even slight indentations here and there from who knows what. Not only do I prefer this oversized gaming table and its hard surface (which is wonderful for rolling dice on), I love the fact that it has absorbed all this abuse which otherwise would be showing on other (more expensive) furniture!