Having recently become enamored with Dungeon Crawl Classics, I am now on a search for any free resources that I can find that I might enjoy along with it. Hereafter is a list of what I have come up with so far. If you know of anything that I may have missed, please let me know.

Goodman Games

Naturally, I started with the publisher. I was sure they would have some goodies to go with the game, and they didn’t disappoint.

Errata & Index – This is a list of corrections for the 3rd printing of the DCC RPG Rulebook (Dated 1/17/2014). It also includes an Index.

Character Sheets

Quick Start Guide

Note that there are two adventure modules in the back of the DCC Rulebook: The Portal Under the Stairs is an introductory funnel adventure designed for 0-level characters. The Infernal Crucible of Sezrekan the Mad is a follow-up adventure designed for advanced characters.

Goodman Games Forums – Forums are always a great place to look for resources and a way to get to know the community.

List of Fansite Links – There is actually a list of external player-made resources, maintained on the forums.

Google Plus

There are a Few DCC-related communities on google plus.

DCCRPG – DCC G+ Community

Crawl! – DCC Fanzine

Gongfarmer’s Almanac – Community DCC Zine

Gongfarmer’s Almanac

In addition to the G+ community listed above, you can download the Gongfarmer’s Almanac: (Issue 1-5) and (Issue 6) for free.

Martin Ralya wrote a review of the Gongfarmer’s Almanac on his blog Yore.

Note that Jon Hershberger is providing print copies for the cost of shipping.

Lots of Links on Google Docs

Kevin Sheuer of Skyland Games posted a link to a google docs spreadsheet containing dozens of links to all sorts of resources. I’ll embed them on this page as I get a chance.

Purple Sorcerer Games

The nice people at Purple Sorcerer Games have created a number of resources for DCC. They definitely look pretty useful:

Class Quick Reference Sheets

Tim Loughrist, on google plus, created a number of Quick Reference Sheets for each of the classes.

Dead Cyclops

In addition to a couple of modules (listed below under adventures), this is a great resource site. A quick glance revealed a number of new monsters and some great art.

Age of Ruins

The folks at the Age of Ruins blog created a couple of free resources:

Thief Skills

Spell Record Sheet

Raven Crowking’s Nest

There are links to a great many resources (funnels, monsters, etc) in the upper right corner (under “Magnetic Posts”). In addition, there are many related posts interspersed throughout the Raven Crowking’s Next blog.

Mystic Bull Games

Aside from producing some free funnels (listed below under adventures), there are other DCC resources found in posts throughout the Mystic Bull Games site.

People Them With Monsters

The blog “People Them With Monsters” has compiled a list of DCC RPG Resources, many of which look pretty useful.

Free Stuff on RPG Now / Drive-Thru RPG

I didn’t see any free stuff that caught my attention, but then I didn’t look very hard. There are over 5,000 free titles on RPG Now & Drive-Thru RPG so I’m sure there are actually quite a few things there worth picking up. Definitely worth the effort to look through them from time to time.

Daniel Bishop (Raven Crowking’s Nest) posted a better search for RPG Now. It currently produces about 200 items (a much more manageable list), many of which are free.

How to Run a Tournament Funnel

Interesting rundown on how a tournament funnel is run and how it differs from a standard game.

Free DCC-Compatible Adventure Modules

Surprisingly, I wasn’t able to find a single free module (other than the two at the back of the rulebook). Obviously, you can easily convert any module to work with DCC easily enough, but I really expected to find a bunch of free fan-created modules out there. Maybe I just need to work on my googling skills. Or maybe I need to work on creating some modules.

Update: Since posting, I’ve gotten a number of responses and added them here. It is starting to look like, as I had hoped, that there are quite an assortment of free modules out there.

DCC RC1: The Hypercube of Myt – Tournament Funnel.

DCC RC2: Death by Nexus – Tournament Funnel.

FT0: Prince Charming, Reanimator – DCC Funnel from Purple Duck Games on RPG Now (PWYW)

Mystic Bull Games: The Bog God’s Champion – Free Funnel.

Mystic Bull Games: The Tribe of OGG and the Gift of Suss – Free Funnel.

Mystic Bull Games: Steading of the Nergalites – Free Funnel.

Mystic Bull Games: The Ifrit’s Chosen – Free Funnel.

RPG Knights: Tomb of the Ghast Queen – Free Funnel.

RPG Knights: The Serpent People of Skiterborne Swamp. – Free Funnel.

Dead Cyclops: Soul of the Serpent King – Free Adventure.

Jürgen Mayer: Cult of the Skin Demon – Free Funnel

Goodman Games has a ton of modules that look very interesting and their prices seem more than fair. Also, many 3rd-party vendors have some good looking modules out there for pretty reasonable prices.

But I’d still like to find some good free ones, so if anyone knows of any, please let me know.