Cecil Solomon was kind enough to create for us Cecil Solomon’s Ultimate Art Collection (CSUAC). This vast collection, of many thousands of high quality art images, were collected from various sources (predominantly from the Dundjinni forums), sorted into groups, indexed and referenced appropriately for the three most popular cartography programs. Now it’s gone. :(

Cecil hosted the CSUAC himself on the GM’s Apprentice website. That site has been down for some time now. I haven’t been able to discover exactly what happened but by now I think it’s clear that the site is down for good.

Cecil’s EULA asks that the CSUAC not be mirrored on any other site and to my knowledge no one is violating that request. The wonderful folks at ProFantasy (makers of Campaign Cartographer) have offered to host the files on their site but they have yet to hear back from Cecil either, and stated that they won’t host the files without his permission. I hope they can get hold of him and work something out. It would be a shame for the mapping community to lose such a valuable resource.

No matter what happens, we all owe you a debt of gratitude for making the CSUAC for us Cecil. A great many maps would never have existed without it. Good luck in whatever you are doing.

An Alternative

For those that weren’t fortunate enough to have already downloaded the CSUAC, the bulk of the images originally came from the Dundjinni forums and can still be found there today. Unfortunately, you will have to pick them up piecemeal, sort them and create the reference files yourself. But at least you still have an option for picking them up.