Ruth at Cthulhu Chick has compiled the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft and made them available in PDF as well as eBook form (EPUB and MOBI formats).

This may be old news to many of you as she made these files available last August, but I have just discovered them recently. The works of HP Lovecraft are now in the public domain so these are completely legal downloads. What Ruth has done is to collect the stories together, arrange them into the proper order, format the text, and convert them into PDF and eBook files. In addition, she has created a linked index (at least in the MOBI file, I haven’t looked at the others) so you can go directly to each story.

Most PDFs and eBooks (even professional ones via Amazon and historical archives) that I have downloaded are riddled with errors from the scanning/OCR process. From what I have read so far, the text that comprises this collection is flawless. I greatly appreciate the time and effort that she must have spent editing this project.

Etzy Store

Ruth also makes some amazing Cthulhu crafts that she sells through her etzy store. Unfortunately, she is still recovering from an injury last summer that has been preventing her from producing these wonderful little guys. Keep checking back. Hopefully, she will be able to start making more soon.