ProFantasy just released Character Artist 3! I haven’t purchased the previous versions, but I’ve been wanting this one and anxiously awaiting its release.

For those not familiar with the product, CA3 is an addon to Campaign Cartographer 3, that allows you to create a full-length portrait of your character. These portraits can be scaled to any size you need and are perfect for character sheets or for printing custom stand-up paper miniatures.

Years ago, I played in a friend’s game who was a talented artist. He drew sketches of all sorts of race/class combinations. Whenever we created a new character, he would put all of the sketches of the race/class we had selected in a hat and we would pull one at random, determining what our character looked like.

We all loved this extra detail. It really helped to make each of our characters more unique and special. I always wished I had the artistic ability to do this sort of thing. With the aid of CA3, now I can. It would be easy to make dozens of portraits of every race/class combination and have them ready for players to draw from a hat.

Of course, if players would prefer to design their own, you could certainly go that way as well.

In addition to creating portraits of characters, you can also use CA3 to make monster portraits. We are all aware of how expensive miniatures are, especially if you want to build a good sized collection of monsters. With CA3, you can create stand-up paper miniatures of NPCs and monsters to use in your game.