After a hard drive crash a while back I’m still re-installing everything. Today I installed all my ProFantasy software. I prefer a slightly different layout of the menu bars and was about to arrange them when it occurred to me that some folks may not know about this and would like to see how it’s done.

It’s actually quite trivial. Click on the Hammer Icon at the bottom of the CC3 screen. That will open up the Screen Tools Selection interface.

Then click in the box next to each item to set the location of that item or to disable it.

This is a list of the changes I like to make:

  • Status Bar – Bottom
  • Enable Color Bar – Right
  • Left Toolbar 1 – Right
  • Left Toolbar 2 – Right
  • Scroll Bars – Off
  • Symbol Tool Bar – Left
  • Custom Icon Bar – Left
  • Enable Simple Tool Bar – Left

I like having all my tools on the right and the status bar on the bottom. I find the color bar handy enough to let it take up some space, but I don’t find myself ever using the scroll bars. The bars on the left will be modified when I add the CSUAC and SMAC art collection catalogs. That process is a bit more involved and will be covered at another time.

The above settings will change the layout from this :

… to this:

Obviously, these are just my personal preferences. Play around and find what layout works best. I’m so pleased that the folks at ProFantasy thought to allow for this sort of customization. Many people will certainly have different ideas about what layout works best for them. It’s nice that everyone can set it up the way they like.