This morning, I watched Young Frankenstein for about the 100th time. It is one of my all-time favorite movies. There are so many things to love. But today I was once again fascinated with the images of the castle on the hill. I set out to see if I could find any blueprints (or fan creations) for this iconic castle.

Google provided numerous images of the castle on the hill, and shots from the movie, but no details beyond that. In fact, I have been unable to find anywhere the name of the castle used in the backdrop.

Looking around the internet, I found an interesting site on simplistic castle design. In addition to discussing design considerations, the site also had a number of actual castle floorplans.

If you’ve always wanted to map out your own fantasy castle, this is a wonderful resource to get you started. This site also contains lots of build-it-yourself paper castles that look like a lot of fun to build.

Although, I wasn’t able to locate any details regarding the castle used in the movie, I’ve been meaning for quite some time to get back into mapping, creating my own castles, cities, villages, etc., and the resources that I did find may give me the push I needed to get started on that.