Campaign Cartographer

Campaign Cartographer (CC3) is an incredible map-making program. Its powerful features are so simple to use that a complete novice can start making maps in minutes. Yet the advanced capabilities are complete enough that skilled users find every feature they can imagine. With a bit of training, you can make real works of art with this program.

Dungeon Designer (DD3) and City Designer (CD3) do for dungeons and cities what Campaign Cartographer does for overland maps.

There are many tutorials out there for CC3 and DD3, on the ProFantasy site and elsewhere. The best of these are videos that have been created for YouTube by Joe Sweeney

CC3 / DD3 Tutorials on YouTube

Joe Sweeney has been producing excellent tutorials for Campaign Cartographer for years. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t order them very well and keeps trying to interest you in what it thinks are related videos. That makes it hard to watch them all in order.

So I have listed them all out here, in order, to make them easier to watch. I will add new ones to the list as they come out. Enjoy!

EDIT : Unfortunately, YouTube altered the data structure, causing all of the following links to redirect to the last video uploaded by the specified user. Scroll down (on the YouTube page) and you will see all of Joe’s uploaded tutorials.

Overland Mapping with Campaign Cartographer

Part A: Introduction [September 15, 2008]
Part B: New Maps and Creating Land [November 02, 2008]
Part C: Contours [November 02, 2008]
Part D: Automate Artistic Talents with Sheets [November 02, 2008]
Part E: Adding Mountains with the Symbols Function [November 02, 2008]
Part F: Adding Rivers [November 02, 2008]
Part G: Vegetation [November 02, 2008]
Part H [November 02, 2008]
Part I [November 02, 2008]
Part J1: Text [November 04, 2008]
Part J2: Text [November 04, 2008]
Part K [November 04, 2008]
Part L: Handout Maps [November 04, 2008]
Part M [November 04, 2008]
Part N: Finishing Up [November 04, 2008]

Dungeon Mapping with Dungeon Designer

Tutorial 1a: Basics [November 04, 2008]
Tutorial 1b: Basics [November 04, 2008]
Tutorial 1c: Basics [November 04, 2008]
Tutorial 2a: Making a Battlemap [December 02, 2008]
Tutorial 2b: Making a Battlemap [December 02, 2008]
Tutorial 3a: Advanced Techniques [January 12, 2009]
Tutorial 3b: Advanced Techniques [January 13, 2009]
Tutorial 3c: Advanced Techniques [January 13, 2009]

Setting Up Your Mapping Environment

Part 1: Installation of CC3 and patches [September 22, 2009]
Part 2: Installing DD3 [September 22, 2009]
Part 3a: Installing Legacy CC2 add-ons to CC3 [September 24, 2009]
Part 3b: Installing the CSUAC files [October 17, 2009]

Battle Tiles

Essentials Part 1 (The New Templates) [December 07, 2009]
Essentials Part 2 (Finishing Your First Room) [December 07, 2009]
Essentials Part 3 (Printing) [December 07, 2009]
The Crypt – Part 1 (The Entrance & Multipoly Tool) [December 09, 2009]
The Crypt – Part 2 (Inner Walls & Adding Symbols) [December 09, 2009]
The Crypt – Part 3 (Complex Room with Curved Alcoves) [December 09, 2009]
The Crypt – Part 4 (Manually Drawing Walls) [December 10, 2009]
The Crypt – Part 5 (Creating Secret Layers) [December 10, 2009]
The Crypt – Part 5 (Last Two Rooms & Putting it All Together) [December 10, 2009]
Raised Floors [December 13, 2009]