The Bones Kickstarter project is long over :(

Sadly, I didn’t hear about it until fairly recently and was unable to participate. But it is so amazing that it really is worth checking out, even after the fact.

What Is It?

Reaper miniatures started a new line of miniatures called the Bones line. There were only a handful of minis in the line but they were selling like hotcakes. Typically a new line only sees a new mini every month or so. Customers were clamoring for the bones line to be built up more quickly so Reaper started a Kickstarter project in order to raise the upfront money needed to quickly build the line.

The initial goal was $30,000. In one month’s time, the project had 17,744 backers pledging a total of $3,429,235 (over 100 times the initial goal).

The lucky backers will each be receiving hundreds of new minis around September. But the rest of us aren’t entirely left out in the cold. About that same time, we should be seeing all of those new minis available for sale on the Reaper site as well! We won’t get the same amazing deals as those in the Kickstarter, but the popularity of the line is in part due to the surprisingly low cost, so it’s worth checking them out once they are available.

Go check out the Bones Kickstarter page to see all the minis (and the awesome deals you missed out on). Here is a pic of what you could have gotten for just $100 (makes you wanna cry doesn’t it?):